Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friends, have a HAPPY day!

To the pit of hell-- yes, writer's block, I'm addressing you!

I cannot stand how creative I want to be. 

I think the want to be creative lately is prohibiting the creation of more than one creative thing.

How do I get past the want? Will the want become a need I won't be able to fulfill?

Nonsense, Kaci, now you sound worried. Stop the fretting. Stop forcing it. Just fall asleep. And by all means, quit talking to yourself.

Do you guys speak aloud the things you write down?

Do you go as far as to announce you're deleting something when you hit delete on your fingerboard? (keyboard) Made up my own word. Like it?

Just curious if I'm alone on this one. 

Cheers to a weird night. xx

-- This morning, I've not felt 100%. My upper back has been bothering me a bit the past couple of days. Michael used his magic hands to attempt adjusting it back to par before leaving for OC last night, but I have to sadly state it was only a temporary relief. I don't like taking medication, so maybe a hot bath will help. ?

I joined the choir at church about a month or so ago. We have practice tonight at 7, but the day is free. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm normally so busy-- praying for time to breathe. I honestly don't know how to draw the line between what I should do and what I could do.

I have a BIG list of the "could dos." My camera needs to be fixed, but that would involve driving to Beverly Hills. If I decide to do that, I could go see my momma at work. Also, I could talk to my hairstylist about his schedule and see when he's available to do my hair for a photo shoot we're trying to coordinate.

On the other hand, it's a beautifully sunny day. I've not been to Malibu in a while. I could take one of the books I've been trying to find time to read and grab a hot green tea at the Coffee Bean. If I choose to do this, I know Missy would enjoy the ride with the windows down.

Speaking of coffee, a friend I haven't seen in a while is going to Urth Cafe off Melrose and has asked me to come. I'd love to see her, but I'm not dressed yet.

Right, and speaking of friends I haven't seen in a long time, I've another one in from Miami I need to call.

Maybe I'll start with my hot bath, drive to Beverly Hills and go through Malibu (the really long way home) and get back just in time for practice at 7. I'll be finished by 9:30, so I may find some time to see the friends then. Yes, but there's a birthday boy that's going to be out of town recording on his birthday that I may try to see tonight as well.

... ? hmm I guess it'll go how it goes.

Friends, have a HAPPY day!

I'm sure I'll write about mine when it's over.




CarlyAngela said...

Your blogs are so inspiring. I haven't blogged since April of last year, but I may have to start again! ;-)

Amanda said...

Hey Kaci! Sorry to hear about your back, hope it gets better. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are a very inspirational person. You are an amazing artist and it is great to see that you are truly devoted to your craft. Best of luck in all that you do andlooking forward to the new album!!

In His Name,

-K- said...

Inspiring, CarlyAngela-- :) THANK YOU!
That's the best compliment a person can receive!
I find this VERY theraputic, to be honest.
Let me know if you start again, I'd love to read what you write.

and Amanda,
Thanks for the well wishes. And again, I adore the admiration, but I'm just being me. If that's inspiring, then PRAISE GOD He's given me that gift.
I appreciate your encouragement.

Blessings to you both!


Haifa said...

I've been supporting you for years and... You decided to mark me as a spammer?? Wow, i don't understand at all why you did that but that's really nice from you... Thanks a lot, Kaci...
Anyway, i still wish you the best for the future and i hope you're doing good.

-K- said...

I don't even know how to mark someone as a "spammer"

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
However, I have, do, and will always be grateful for your support!

Be Blessed!


Heather said...

ok i have some suggestions that might help. regarding your back baths are amazing and so are massages but sometimes they don't always last the long.

try wraping a heat pad or your heating blanket around your back and try a hot water bottle. i do yoga it helps with my back and all the other injuries that i have. strecht in the mornings your body needs to be stretched out and it will wake up your muslces. :)

No your not alone in talking out loud or to yourself i do it all the time. i'm actually glad to know i'm not the only one. LOL!

Wrtiers block try this when you get stuck go for a walk or go to a park or a big field and sit in the middle of it, with your music and just look around and observe all the beauty the God has presented it will take your mind off what your stuck on, also meditation is very relaxing. :)

remember God has blessed you with amazing gifts and sometimes he just wants you to take a break. it will all come to you when the time is right and it will be amazing and wonderful i believe in you and i know that your creativity will flow out of you just always let it come from with in.:)

Remember to that there is a difference between a want and a need. ask yourself this if i do what i want to do is it going to be productive and am i going to be satisfied with the way things go, or would it be more productive and more satisfying to me to do the things i could do.

its all about balance and doing what you feel is right to do. people that come to visit from out of town you should see first simply because you don't know when they will be back again. :)

you don't have to do EVERYTHING at once and EVERYTHING will get done. Just relax and take time to enjoy every minute of everyday. :)

I'm so happy for all that is going on you have no idea. how much joy it brings to heart when i see how God is working in not just my own life but the lives of those around me. :)

I myself started to blog as well after i read your blogs last month it inspired me to just let it all out to not care what people may or may not think for it doesn't matter. What matters is how i feel at the end of the day. i ask myself this question if i was to die tonight and have to stand before God would i be at peace with in myself and would i be able to say to him that i lived my day to the fullest and completed the daily tasks that he had set before me. he gives up tasks everyday and we don't even know it always just like he tests us and our faith everyday but we just arn't always aware of it.

ok i know this is long i apoligize and i will end this now.

ME xoxox

Tóta said...


Im just wondering if you got the message i sent you on myspace. I was asking you to do something for me... and im too embarrassed to ask in a comment or here.

I like the blogs! Its nice to see another persons thoughts and soulsearching :) im doing a bit of those myself.

I also want to tell you that your songs are inspiring :)