Monday, March 16, 2009

A note from me to you...

I cried myself to sleep last night, ignoring the comfort my Father offered. 
I saw something that wasn't there. I believe that someone didn't care.
I lost my cool just when it mattered most. Not only were my fears revealed, I showed a lack of growth. It's hard to see the truth of where you stand, when you're standing in the lie. My only desire is to be a woman of faith, hope and love, and to speak His word with fire. I felt the old me start to burn. My Spirit revealed my pain. I could smell the death as my heart continued to whale, and I knew I'd never be the same. When I awoke this morning, the warmth of the sun drizzled on my bed. There's a calmness in His presence that's become my daily bread.
It's crucial. It's real. It's perfect.

Regardless the mistake, fall to your knees and pray.
There's a God that loves us all, and we're covered by His grace.

It's a beautiful beautiful beautiful thing. 

-- In Him,



Amanda said...

Wow, Kace.

No words can describe how I feel about this note. Probably because it's true. We all need to let God into our hearts and lives, even if it's just a small spot. That's all He really wants. He wants us to know that He will be there for each of us, even when we don't feel His presence.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. In the wake of personal struggles we sometimes feel like we are the only ones at the bottom, trying to desperately climb just a little higher..atleast off the ground. I know I needed this.

Thank you and bless your heart.

Heather said...

My Dear Kaci,

I know exactly what you are talking about for i have been there. Even the best of us fall backwards sometimes. The important thing is that you acknowleged it you allowed yourself to feel the feelings that you were feeling. Sometimes we think that we have delt with EVERYTHING in our past our feelings and the life we use to live.

God allows us to fall now and then so that we see that there is still work that we have to do, there are still issues with us that we have to resolve. The battle is hard and it hurts like nothing else can. The pain is so deep and so raw that it feels like someone is pouring acid all over you insides.

The Big ugly cry happens the anger sets in the doubts and then the guilt comes b/c we know we ingnored our Father. Whenever you feel you have ignored him and have allowed yourself to give into Evil fall on your knees and pray ask Him to forgive you, ask him to help you to be strong to do right and to follow all HIS ways.

You lady are a woman of Faith! We all make mistakes. You were having what i call a battle within yourself The Lord was forcing you to see what you were to face your fears and most of ALL to Deal with ALL the Skeletons in your closet.

So that you can heal and be 100% Free from Sin and as this process is done, you will see that you grow so much, your spirt will feel amazing you will feel brand knew. i went through this last year, i think i told you about it and now you are going through it.

Allow the process to take place know that you shall not allow evil to become part of your body for YOU KACI Have The CROSS tatooed upon your Heart, YOU have the Blood of CHRIST flowing through your veins. You are one of the most understanding, loving, caring peopl i have known. i pray for you always. You WILL overcome this. :)

I'm always around if you need a ear sometimes its easier to speak to someone who isn't on the inside if you know what i mean. you can call me im me ANYTIME! Remember your still and always will be a child to God this is a good thing that is going on with in you TRUST ME. the important thing is you DON'T Give IN. Nor give up do not face the ground for the sky is prettier to look at.

i shall pray for strength for you! blessings and love to you.

ME! :)

Melodye Joy said...

beautiful!! This is quite inspiring, girl! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Bless, Melodye

cacey.chavonne said...

wow. perfect. i've just lost three friendships and one thats ready to walk out at any moment. this is the encoragement i needed to keep on pushing :*

Michele said...

God has been great to me and to my family without him i dont know what i would be doing right now i love my god and he been blessing me and my family with so much and i thank him everyday for it i really hope you all are having a good and wonderful blessed day.

love always:

Quinten said...

Dam Kaci U Forgot about you boy Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats me (Q Corvette) that followed you on twitter.