Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The mint budget doubled...

Hello, Friends! 

So... Michael always has a stash of ICEBREAKERS' sugar free mints. I eat them two at a time. (Suck on one & chew the other...) What's cute is how frugal he is. He knows exactly how much he spends a month on these mints. Since we've reunited, his mint budget doubled.
I took note of this and decided to buy my own at the gas station yesterday, while I was waiting for my tank to fill. Half of me wanted the mints. The other half just missed the way his mouth tastes.  ;)

Since the last time I blogged, I was sick & have made almost a full recovery, & I saw my first NBA game!! I looked online for the Feb. 20 recap. Lakers vs. Hornets.
THE LAKERS WON IN OVERTIME!! (such a great game...) 
C. Paul had 21 points. K. Bryant had 39

Michael turned 26 on the 21st. Check out his blog, if you get a chance. It's super sweet!
Also, he finished recording new material down in San Diego. I'm the proudest kid on the planet. The first mix was great. The new mix, as of yesterday, sounds incredible.

I've been hitting up the gym & the studio on a regular basis, & am making attempts at becoming more involved in allowing others to be involved in what I'm doing through Facebook & my newest obsession, TWITTER. :)

I'm loving life & PRAISING THE LORD!!!

I'm beyond blessed...

Have a great one, my friends!



Heather said...

AWW!!! I Heart YOU! :) the comment about his mouth made me LOL!

Amanda said...

This was soo cute Kaci!! i'll catch ya on Twitter sometime!

mimi said...

Awe that is cute, you and Michael are a really cute couple; I miss you very much but am glad you are feeling a lot better. :) I will be blogging here shortly actually I'm inspired to get my words down on paper.. or IE the web. :) check mine out if you want Love you honey xo Love Michelle

Tóta said...

Aww you walking Missy in that picture, so cute.

Im sorry you´ve been sick, it sucks to be ill!

I hope you have a good one!

Anonymous said...

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Kisses from your MySpace friend,Julianna