Saturday, May 30, 2009

A tribute to Avril Lavigne and Lean Cuisines...

"You don't always have to do everything right... Walk around with your hands up in the air like you don't care..." -lyrics from Avril

This is how I feel today, and today this is how I feel. 

I've come to a point of realization-

I am beautiful no matter what the mirror says.

I am happy, no matter what my circumstance says. 

I am helplessly in love and devoted, even when we fight.

If I never get another record deal, I'm still going to make music. It's what I do.

If I want to eat cookies, I can.

If I want to eat french fries, I will.

I've had my wakeup call.

Some think it's crazy to spend a bunch of money on frozen foods, but Lean Cuisines are one of the best friends a bad cook can have. I'm not claiming this over myself forever. I've really not put any effort in to being a good one, to be honest. They suit me just fine... 

I'm on pursuit to find stamps to mail my bills. Later, I'm celebrating the birth of a very dear friend of mine. Tomorrow, I will join my fellow believers in worshiping our Lord. There's a possibility that I'll be in the studio during the afternoon. And in the evening, I'll retrieve my beautiful mother from the airport. 

Next week offers many promises and prayers answered.

I'll keep you updated.

God is good!!



mimi said...

Lean Cuisines are awesome. :) The record deal thing is overrated anyway... it means contracts and conformatity and making everyone else happy...all the while forgetting what Kaci wants I think you are better off without a record deal or a record "label" Jesus is your producer, the label you have over every other artist out there "He's bringing the top to the bottom,the bottom to the top." :)

Heather said...

Lean Cuisnes are the bomb i eat them for lunch all the time. Also why shouldn't we eat french fries, cookies and all the other good stuff out there if we want to. Its not a sin. As long as we eat in in moderation and we honour the body that God has given us, we keep our temple clean and free of sin then that is all that God asks, it does not state anywhere in the Bible that we can't eat those things just because we are female. The media and society are OVERRATED! What do they know Nothing i tell ya, there are beautiful woman out there of all sizes and shapes, the most important thing is to LOVE ones self first. Because how you Love anyone else if you don't love yourself completely.

As for you Miss Kaci you here is something you told me, and now i'm saying it back to you, you are beautifully created woman of God. :) God has blessed you with many gifts music is in your blood it is your passion you are most happy when you are creating, sing,dancing,listening,mixing, and just plain jamin to music. I have known this since the very first time i saw you. its in your eyes and your body language. When you love to do somthing with all that you are it shines through you no matter what.

i know this is long but i had a lot to say evey word i speak is from my heart. i also agree 110% with what mimi said too. The mirror only reflects what we really think of ourselves and how we truly see ourselves. that is why it is called our reflection.

Always talk about your feelings Love getting it out is better then keeping it in. :) you know anytime you want you can use my ears. :) your twenties are all about finding yourself and you are going to go through many, many changes and have a lot more realizations about yourself, your life, and even people in your life. God will reveil a lot to you. :)

Trust me i know. i will always listen to your music for i Love your style, voice, creativity,just Everything as you saw last year if you remember a little session i was captivated the whole time. :) that takes true talent to beable to do that with anyone and you have done that with huge aduiences. :) God knows how he wants to use you in this world so embrace it, and let HIM do it. For HIS plan is way more amazing then any that can be made here on Earth by us humans. :) LOVE YA TO PIECES! :) XOXOXO

☆ Nana said...

wow, this blog was so amazing and inspirational! AMEN!!!

☆ Nana said...

& always remember, God does NOT make any mistakes! you are beautiful regardless what anybody says!

Amanda said...

Lean Cuisines rock!!! You are an amazing artist, and any record label who can't see that is blind. But, whatever you do, do not let them change you when you do get a deal. There is no sense in giving in to someone who wants to change what you have worked so hard on to become (does that make sense)?

Anyway, hope all goes well with you and looking forward to another album!!

Blessed day, Miss Kaci!!

Anonymous said...

I know that recording industries can be harsh, telling you " your too fat, you're too thin, your hair is too brown. Your hair needs to be like this.." I'm a model so I know how that can get. Thing is no matter what people say. You can eat what you want and still be happy. I learned that its best to be true to yourself. People can say what they want. No matter what happens the best thing to be is you. Forget those recording labels. All they care about is image. But what brings the best in people is talent and you Kaci are a very talented girl and if they let you go because of the image that they are trying to prove. Then its their loss. They are missing out on a girl that is heading some where. So no matter what happens remember to always have a smile on your face, and live your life the way you want to live it. Have a wonderful day.

an other K said...

I'm not sure I read the whole post cause it's 3:30am here and I'm more than half asleep. Lean Cuisines are good but they're expensive for the little packages they offer. I think it's better to cook with fresh vegetables and food but Leans C's definitely save time especially if you don't know how to cook like me and they're much healthier than many other selections.

... falling asleep so I can't remember or think anymore about the rest of the blog ... night