Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Evening of 06.17-

Pleased am I, attributable to a man I'll soon call my king.
His charisma allures me in to this world I've never known.

Just now, I've realized that no possession on or in this earth could possibly bring me such joy as he. Perhaps I'll only view them as the perfect icing to the most delicious cake in existence.

The peerless attributes have captivated my almost every thought. I'm quite keen of this man, if you've yet to notice.

I'm writing this all to say, I'm in love. I'm helplessly and hopelessly in love.

Fitting I find this time to Praise God for all the gifts I've been given.
I'm guessing they've been there, knowing my Lord's consistence.
It's just taken this period for me to see each blessing for what it is/they are.

Seasons are the most fascinating of the bits and pieces of space/s separated.
Astonishing is how things so rapidly can change/have changed.

With all the arrangements being set for the big day, I can acknowledge God and His awesomeness alone.

There were forlorn moments when I thought the details would never come together.

Here we are less than two months away, and each moment a new miracle is revealed. How marvelous is He!

I'm inheriting an incredible mother-in-law. That in itself is a God response to a pleading prayer. I know there's no way I could have managed thus far without the support from my mother, Annette, and Michael's mother, Lissa.

Thank you both for being up-beat and so spiritually encouraging. With your assistance, I'll continue to do my very best to walk by faith.

I'm claiming each and every assignment of the enemy and all against us falls now under the Name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm claiming the new publishing agreement will be signed and the money delivered this week, in the mighty Name of Jesus. I'm thanking You Lord in advance for all these things. I know You know the desires of my heart, Father, and I thank You for meeting all my needs, according to Your riches and glory! Thank You for Your strength, Your mercy, and Your unfailing goodness.

Friends, I ask that you keep Michael and I in your prayers!

I love you all.




Frank William Palelei said...

You guys are always in my prayers. The big day is coming up soon. Woo!

Anonymous said...

Kaci, you both are always in my prayers!
Congradulations, and i'm wishing you nothing but the greatest future together.

Love, Manda <3

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see great things happen to AWESOME, Godly blessings and prayers to you both! Congradulations!

an other k said...


Carla Wine said...

hey! i loved your first album, are you in the recording studio again?