Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Filter your thoughts...

"I will set no evil before my eyes." (Psalm 101:3)

     Did you know that what you think determines the direction and quality of your life? The Bible encourages us to think on things that are pure, wholesome, and of a good report. (Phil. 4:8)

     In order to think on the right things, it is important that you filter what you watch, read and listen to. Don't let the enemy slowly deceive you into lowering your standards and desensitizing you to what is good and pure

Don't let him have a single opportunity to pull you down by watching or being involved in things that are questionable. 

     Remember you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Fill your thoughts with the promises of God found in His Word-
promises of peace, joy, and freedom; promises of safety, deliverance and provision; promises of a future and a hope that are only found through Jesus Christ! 

As you fill your thoughts with God's Word, victory will come alive in every area of your life!

Prayer for Today:
     Heavenly Father, today I ask You to fill my thoughts with Your thoughts, and fill my heart with Your promises. I choose to focus on You and the good things You have in store for me. I will meditate on Your Word. Thank You for guiding my every action, my every thought and my every step.

(from "30 Thoughts For Victorious Living" by Joel Osteen)

     I'm heading out the door for Runyon Canyon Park. I pray I make it to "Cloud's Rest." I'm a little out of shape. Up and down the paved path is a little more than two miles, and takes about an hour. I want to work my way in to the "fitness buff" category. Wish me luck.

Have a blessed and victorious day!



ayesha p. said...

not being rude or anything but the way you sing, and i mean your 'style is very much like britney spears' that heavy-beathing bordering on husky sound. some of your songs arent like that like 'what comes out' and unbeleiable'. i actually appreiate you posting this on your blog,becaus eit reminded that some of the tv prorammes i watch arent that good religeon wise, like scrubs and other things. i hope your not offended, but what im trying to say is that you should denounce the sins you commited as well because otherwise you just sound like an extremist...just saying ...

Tóta said...

good luck! i hope you have a nice day out :)

mimi said...

Have a glorious beautiful peaceful day in HIM, as well :) Enjoy the hike. :)

Mara said...

Hi Kaci!!

I have myspace, facebook, fotolog and now.. I have blog!! lol!

I have add you!


HIND said...

hey kace , how are you ???
love your post its so amazing
please check mine BLUE MARCH its about my blues wish you check it out and tell what do you think it will means alot to me